uk4u 2011 Christmas box

UK4U-Box-2011Square Stockings bring Christmas Cheer to the Armed Forces.

For the seventh year running, Forces’ charity uk4u Thanks! delivered thousands of Christmas Boxes to all those serving overseas or in hospital over the festive season. 22,500 boxes were produced to send to members of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force to ensure they had a present to open on Christmas Day, and to let them know that members of the public at home were thinking of them. 

Christmas Boxes 2011 were sent around the world wherever UK Forces are serving, including Afghanistan, The Falkland Islands, Ascension Island, to ships and submarines on deployment, and to hospitals in the UK where personnel were resting and recuperating.  

Many cards, emails and letters were received saying Happy Christmas and many thanks for the box.  Below are some of the specific comments received:

‘Really made the day when they were issued by the commander; everything has a use and will be used;   amazing to even get one thing would be great, but to get 20 it’s superb; a little thing shows how appreciated we are.  I have not received a Christmas Box before’

‘God bless you all; thoughtful and very welcome box of gifts; the 4th box I’ve received and they get better every time’

‘Wonderful mix of useful, practical and fun items, made me smile’

‘Some very useful items and a wonderful thought; really cheered up HQ, even the Chief of Staff found his funny bone!’

The 2011 Christmas box contained:

  • A Christmas Hat 
  • A travel kit including neck pillow, eye mask and ear plugs 
  • Dice in pouch 
  • A sewing kit (with military coloured thread!) 
  • A perpetual calendar 
  • Exercise grip/skipping rope 
  • Tiger Tail balloons 
  • Ear phones 
  • ID Card holder 
  • uk4u Thanks! playing cards 
  • Pen 
  • A padlock 
  • Carabiner 
  • Fridge Magnet 
  • Luggage Label 
  • Mini wind-up torch 
  • A pack of assorted teabags 
  • Wind-up snail 
  • Mini key ring LED light 
  • A DVD of Christmas greetings to the Armed Forces 
  • Starbucks and drinks tokens 
  • Mints 
  • A uk4u Christmas card
  • A Christmas Carol sheet
  • uk4u Thanks! questionnaire

All of this Christmas cheer was made possible through the donations from the public and the charity’s sponsors. The Christmas Box has become a popular tradition for the Armed Forces, so why not help us make future boxes better than ever and donate to our campaign? Click Here

We rely on your generosity.
Help us to reach our to as many of our troops as possible.



We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, here are a few.

  • BAE Systems
  • Westminster Foundation
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Sodexo
  • Airbus Group UK
  • Cooneen Watts & Stone
  • Vestey Foods